La spirulina: microalga o macro possibilità? Una fonte proteica alternativa dagli sviluppi potenziali

Spirulina: microalga or macropossibility? An alternativeprotein source with potential developments

Teresa Capriati

UOS di Nutrizione ArtificialeOspedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù,Roma

In many developing countries of the world there is a highrate of protein malnutrition. For this reason, research isalways looking for alternative sources of protein.Microalgae can be qualified as an unconventional sourceof proteins, in fact proteins extracted from Spirulinaplatensis have a high nutritional quality even compared toother proteins of animal and vegetable origin. One of themain objections to the consumption of S. platensisbiomass is linked to its organoleptic characteristics butusing the protein fraction alone it can improve consumers’acceptance. Given the many benefits of S. platensisproteins, there are still few studies in the scientificliterature on nutritional benefits, nutritional properties andinteraction with other Spirulina ingredients.

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