Nutrizione enterale nei bambini con patologia digestiva di interesse chirurgico nei paesi in via di sviluppo: “missione impossibile”?

Enteral nutrition in children with digestive disease of surgical concern in developing countries: “mission impossible?”

Costanza Tognon1, Dionisio Cumba2, Piergiorgio Gamba3

1U.O.C Anestesia e Rianimazione, Padova 2Chirurgia Pediatrica, Clinica Bor, Presidente INASA (Instituto Nacional de Saude Publica) Guinea Bissau 3U.O.C Chirurgia Pediatrica, Dipartimento della Salute della Donna e del Bambino, Università di Padova

The aim of this paper resulting from ten years of
humanitarian sanitary missions in Guinea Bissau (a small
country among the ten poorest in the world), is to promote
reflection that favours a synthesis about the long – standing
problem of enteral nutrition in infants and children with
digestive diseases in sub-saharian countries. The issue is
difficult, little known and controversial; the solutions are still
far away but definitely linked to future changes in culture,
politics and healthcare. The support by everybody is and will
be vital for the safe of our young patients.

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