“Possiamo ottimizzare la dieta di bambini inscenari di guerra e sottosviluppoimplementando l’uso di prodotti locali?”

"Can we optimize the diet of children living in war andunderdevelopment places by implementing the use of localfood ?"

D. Elia, T. Capriati, A. Diamanti

UOS Nutrizione Artificiale Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino GesùRoma

In the last decade the prevalence of severe childmalnutrition in less developed countries has become amajor emergency due to the high incidence of neonataldeath, infections and cognitive impairment. In this case thetherapeutic programs for child malnutrition and nutritionalrehabilitation must include short-term (acute malnutritiontreatment) and long-term (to prevent chronic malnutrition)interventions through differentiated approaches andconstant and regular monitoring. In order to obtain concreteresults it is necessary to act with public health programs,food assistance but above all to create favorable conditionsto encourage a healthy and balanced diet with local foods.

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