Angiodisplasia intestinale, insolita causa di anemia severa in età pediatrica

Intestinal angiodysplasia, an uncommon cause of severeanemia in children

Giulia Spina1, Marco Roversi1, Maria Rosaria Marchili2, Alberto Villani2

1University of Rome Tor Vergata,Academic Department, Rome Italy 2Pediatric and Infectious DiseasesUnit, Academic Department, Rome,Italy

We admitted an eleven-years-old girl with a severe irondeficiency anaemia. She had chronic abdominal pain anda positive faecal occult blood test. Gastrointestinalendoscopy revealed an infection by Helicobacter Pylori,which was treated accordingly. After 2 weeks the girl stillhad pain. Capsule endoscopy revealed an angiodysplasiaof the ileum, whose resection lead to remission ofsymptoms.

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