La tubercolosi intestinale: clinica, diagnosi e trattamento

Intestinal tuberculosis: clinical features, diagnosis and treatment

1L. Lancella, L. Cursi, A. Orlandi, E. Masiello, S. Chiurchiù, P. Pansa, A. Villani

1UOC Pediatria Generale e Malattie Infettive Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù – IRCCS – Roma

Intestinal tuberculosis is an uncommon disease which affectsmainly people who come from developing countries. Clinicalfeatures are fever, abdominal pain, ascites, weight loss and nightsweats. Diagnosis is established by the demonstration of M.Tuberculosis in a biopsy specimen of an involved site or inascitic fluid by culture test. Radiological examinations andendoscopy are essential in the diagnostic process. Thedifferential diagnosis mainly includes Crohn’s disease.

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