Le Linee Guida Europee ESPGHAN-NASPGHAN per la valutazione e il trattamento delle complicanze gastrointestinali e nutrizionali nei bambini con Atresia Esofagea o Fistola Tracheoesofagea

ESPGHAN-NASPGHAN Guidelines for the Evaluation and Treatment of Gastrointestinal and Nutritional Complications in Children with Esophageal Atresia-Tracheoesophageal Fistula

Mariella Baldassarre, Claudia Capacchione

Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche ed Oncologia Umana, sezione di Neonatologia e TIN, Università “Aldo Moro”, Bari

Esophageal atresia (EA) is one of the most commoncongenital digestive anomalies. With improvements insurgical techniques and intensive care treatments, thefocus of care of these patients has shifted from mortalityto morbidity and quality-of-life issues. These children facegastrointestinal (GI) problems not only in early childhoodbut also through adolescence and adulthood. TheESPGHAN/NASPGHAN working group of InternationalNetwork on Esophageal Atresia developed uniformevidence-based guidelines for the management of GIcomplications in children with EA.Thirty-six clinicalquestions addressing the diagnosis, treatment, andprognosis of the common GI complications in patients withEA were formulated.

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