Malattie autoinfiammatorie emanifestazioni gastrointestinali correlatein età pediatrica

Autoinflammatory diseases and related gastrointestinalmanifestations in the pediatric age

Maria Greca Magnolia1 Elisabetta Cortis2

1Ospedale S. Maria della StellaOrvieto 2Ospedale S Eugenio Roma

Autoinflammatory diseases, Periodic Fever Syndrome, FamilialMediterranean Fever, Mevalonate Kinase Deficiency, TumourNecrosis Factor Receptor Associated Periodic Fever Syndrome,Autoinflammatory diseases are characterized by innate immunityabnormalities. The first 4 described AID were familialMediterranean fever, cryopyrin-associated periodic fever syndrome(CAPS), mevalonate kinase deficiency (MKD) and TNFRSF1A-receptor associated periodic fever syndrome (TRAPS). with theprogresses of genetic analysis, many new diseases have beendiscovered; some with recurrent fever, others with predominantimmune deficiency. Macrophage Activation Syndrome

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